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  • Chroma ATE Inc.

    Power Electronics Test Solution

    Power Electronics Test Solution

    Chroma Power Electronics Test Solutions not only apply in the industries of Information Technology, Communication, Aerospace and National Defense, but also in energy efficient products such as Hybrid Automobiles, LED luminance devices, solar and fuel cells that are developed aggressively under the pressure of natural resource constraints.

    Chroma has a wide variety of instrumentation including AC Power Sources, DC Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads, AC Electronic Loads, Digital Power Meters, and Automatic Test Systems that are ideal for power input/output terminal tests and dynamic simulation.

    The systems can be used to test PC/Servo/Telecom power supplies, adapters, chargers, backlight inverters, LED power drivers, UPS's, PV Inverters, and EV chargers. With technical support groups available worldwide, Chroma can provide automated test systems and the fabrication of test fixtures simultaneously at multiple locations across the globe.

    Brochure: Product Quick Guide(pdf/6MB), EV Test Solution (pdf/4.9MB), LED Power Driver Test Solution (pdf/2.2MB),  PV Inverter Test Solution (pdf/3.1MB),

    DC Electronic Load

    AC Electronic Load

    Regenerative AC Load

    AC Power Source

    DC Power Supply

    Digital Power Meter

    Automatic Test System (ATS)

    Battery Simulator

    Chroma Soft Panels for Instrument Control and Monitoring