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  • Chroma ATE Inc.

    Turnkey Test & Automation Solution

    Turnkey Test & Automation Solution

    Chroma is a world leading supplier of precision Test and Measurement instrumentation.

    Utilizing in-house automated handling and manufacturing execution system(MES) expertise, Chroma specializes in integrated and fully automated turn-key electronic test and manufacturing solutions for technologies including FPD (Flat Panel Display), video and color, LED/lighting, photovoltaic, Li-battery, passive components, semiconductor/IC, etc.

    Selection Guide

    Assembly & Test AutomationApplicationsProducts
    Flat Panel Display Burn-in & Testing LCM, LCD & other flat panel displays Model 27014
    Packaged LED Test Sorter & Tapper Packaged LEDs Model 58270/58280
    LED Lighting Automatic Assembly & Testing LED light bulbs & tubes Model 58158-SC
    Photovoltaic Automatic Testing & Sorting Solar wafers & cells Model 3760
    Battery Cell Formation & Assembly Lithium Ion & lithium polymer secondary batteries Model 17000
    Passive Component Test & Packing Inductors Model 1870D
    IC Automatic Testing & Sorting

    especially for CIS Testing (CMOS Image Sensor), capable of
    handling devices of a large variety of package types
    including QFP, TQFP, BGA, PGA, etc.

    Model 3270
    Smart Conveyor Manufacturing transportation Model 5703

    Assembly & Test Automation Solutions