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  • Chroma ATE Inc.

    News Express
    News Express
    New 3U Height 15kVA Grid Simulator Upgrades Testing to a Higher Level

    Chroma adds three new models, 61809/61812/61815, to its 61800 series of regenerative gr...

    Webinar - Ensuring the functionality and quality of multimedia chipsets with Chroma 3680

    Live Webinar - Ensuring the functionality and quality of multimedia chipsets with Chr...

    NEW 2-in-1 Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Load

    Renewable energy sources such as PV, EV, fuel cell, and battery are the market trend as...

    How to Master EV Charging Components Testing - Chroma Can Help!

    Shortening the battery charging time while improving its safety has become _disibledeve...

    Rising PV testing demands in India, Chroma helps representative labs in testing capability

    In 2019, more than 11 million photovoltaic (PV) inverters were shipped globally accordi...

    Webinar: Transform Your Creativities into Products with Chroma PXIe Tester

    Thursday, April 9 20208:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM EasternLIVE WEBINAR [FREE TO ATTEND] ...

    Immediate Delivery Program For Medical Device Manufacturers In The USA

    FOOTHILL RANCH, CA, USA --&nbsp;Chroma Systems Solutions is committed to the health and...

    Chroma's True Wireless Stereo Test Solutions for Premium & Economical Testing

    Chroma ATE launches complete test solutions for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) chips, incor...

    Chroma High-Power Battery Simulator Applied to EV Testing

    For the testing of EV cars and components, most manufacturers will use a battery simula...

    Chroma DC Power Supplies Integrate LV 148 Standard for Complete Vehicle Testing

    In pace with the spread of automotive electronics, Europe&rsquo;s Big Five automakers h...

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