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  • Chroma ATE Inc.


    Recruitment of elites

    Founded in 1984, Chroma has been operating the business under the concept of being initiative, accountable and innovative for superior technology, quality and service. With people-oriented management, comprehensive education/training, and professional manager organization, we evoke employees’ potential and creativity to realize their potential, and be the growing power of Chroma.

    Developing global leading products and becoming world-class enterprise 
    The strategy of new technology, market-oriented and project management for research and development has led Chroma to become a name brand in the field of power source and video pattern test equipment and systems. In recent years Chroma has been dedicated to developing the test solutions for Semiconductor/IC testing, LCD /LCM testing, Video Scope, and PXI instruments as well as systems. As the leading instrument manufacturer in Taiwan, Chroma is aiming to be a world-renowned brand of professional equipment supplier, and we are heading toward it aggressively.

    …. If you are as ambitious as we are, contact us immediately. We shall welcome you to join us!

    Welfare in Taiwan Headquarter

    (Welfare programs are varied with branch offices for the employees located overseas.)

    • Paid leave surpass the Labor Standards Law: One day birthday leave with pay.
    • Complete insurance program: Labor insurance, national health insurance and group insurance(paid by Chroma)
    • Subsidies for wedding, childbirth, death and hospitalization
    • Gift certificate for Labor Day, Dragon Boat festival, Mid-autumn festival, birthday, and year-end bonus
    • Domestic and overseas travel allowances
    • Corporate cafeteria in headquarter offering a variety of meals
    • Parking lots for cars and motorcycles including dedicated space for pregnant women and disabled employees.
    • Convenient commuter bus
    • Staff dormitory available in headquarter and its cozy environment is like staying at home.
    • Diversified clubs for social activities including basketball, badminton, softball, table tennis, dancing, hiking, fishing, flower arrangement, movie appreciation, photography and tabletop game, etc. with subsidies provided by the company to link up employees who share similar interests after work hours.

    Taking care of your health and enriching your mind

    • An Infirmary stationed in Environmental Health and Safety Center
    • Regular health check
    • On-site physician to provide professional advisory services
    • Workplace health promotion activities: pressure management, gender learning related health seminars, health counseling program

    LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) of Chroma people --- quality office space with unlimited vitality Chroma cares about the physical and mental health of every employee. Recreational facilities including a multifunctional gym, a swimming pool and spas, sauna and steam rooms, and dance classrooms are provided allowing employees to exercise nearby after work to reduce their stress and relax their body as well as mind.

    Ultimate learning to Chroma people  

    Chroma provides promising growth to employees with education and trainings in languages, management functions and various professional fields.