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  • Chroma ATE Inc.

    CSR (old)
    CSR (old)

    Message from the Chairman

    Continuous Improvement in Chroma Technology is a Responsible and Sustainable Practice

    Strategy and Vision

    With rapid technological development and ever-changing markets, it has become ncreasingly challenging to run a business. In the face of such new circumstances of competition, we continue to believe that a world-class enterprise requires the three elements of innovative technology” ,“own brand”, and “globalization”, and that world-class products must have the three characteristics of “precision” ,“reliability”, and “uniqueness”. To fulfill this vision, we have invested a great amount of manpower and resources in the R&D and integration of core technologies every year with the aim to develop more top-class products and achieve excellent performance for our business. To maintain Chroma’s competitiveness and the advantages of its products, we have put tremendous efforts into developing innovative technologies. We have also provided our customers with more top-quality and comprehensive testing solutions to create higher values. Products under our own brand “Chroma” have been sold around the world. Furthermore, we have been actively establishing overseas offices, which are located in Europe, the Americas, Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asia, to achieve the internationalization of operations. We strive to provide services to our international customers from locations near them in the future and keep up with the dynamics of international industries rapidly. Thinking globally, we hope that all our employees can work together and move forward with firm and solid steps to make our performance better and better.

    Products and Markets

    Chroma is specialized in the development of precision testing and measurement instruments, automated testing systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and comprehensive testing & automation turnkey solutions. The fields of application of Chroma’s products include electric vehicle, green battery, LED, solar power, semiconductor / IC, photonics, flat panel display, video and color, power electronics, passive component, electrical safety, thermoelectric temperature control, automated optical inspection, intelligent manufacturing system, clean technology, and smart factory. We have invested deeply in the new energy industry, while bearing social responsibility. Industry-academic collaboration has enabled us to build a firm foundation and explore unique market opportunities. We have trained students to take part in electric vehicle competitions, which are expected to become a future source of top talents for the new energy automotive industry. Throughout the years, we have given support to many electric vehicle teams formed by university/college students.Our multifaceted testing solutions have received wide recognition in the markets. In 2016, we won the International Trade Award for“ Best Contribution”f rom the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2017, we won the“ Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award", the highest honor of the 5th "National Industrial Innovation Award". In 2018, we were ranked 11th by the CommonWealth Magazine in its“ Top 50 Enterprises in Business Performance”. Our top-level talents and state-of-the-art technologiesare well recognized in all sectors. We will continue to enhance our competitiveness and provide our customers with the best products and services.

    Employees Are Assets

    With respect to the management of our company, we believe that employees are an indispensable part of a successful enterprise, and we see our employees as valuable assets. Therefore, we have actively supported cooperative education programs in colleges and universities to cultivate and expand the pool of professional talents for the future. Our goal is to retain and attract the most talented professionals to sustain our capabilities to develop innovative technologies. For years, the relations between the management and employees in Chroma have stayed harmonious. We not only have well-established compensation and welfare systems but also have set up various types of facilities within the company for employees to relax themselves, such as gyms, swimming pools, spa pools and club activities. We have welldesigned and friendly environment for childcare and regulations regarding parental leave without pay. There are medical rooms with doctors contracted on a long-term basis, and we regularly conduct health examinations and organize seminars on health-related topics. We aim to provide the most comprehensive employee care, the safest and healthiest work environment, and complete education and training.

    Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

    For many years, we have actively participated in social activities and shown concern for disadvantaged groups and children. We have provided aids to those in need of assistance, and supported children’s learning and growth. To enhance cultural literacy in our countr y, we have sought to create more platforms for performing arts by donating to groups like the Yi-Yuan Arts and Cultural Foundation, Boyo Social Welfare Foundation, Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation, and Chew’s Culture Foundation. We are committed to the philosophy “whatever you take from the society, use it for the society”, and in the future we will continue to make contribution to the society through more concrete actions in order to fulfill our social responsibility. We have put great effort into our pursuit of excellence. Looking forward, we hope to keep up with trends and adapt ourselves to changes for the benefit of our employees and the society. Regarding our strategy for sustainable management, we aim to deepen the role played by CSR in setting future goals for our work and developing our vision. We must continue our efforts to serve and benefit the people. Let’s make our products more unique and special, embrace a new wave of demand for testing, and build a sustainable and bright future!

    ?CSR Report Download?

    First GRI G4&AA1000 Dual Certificate from BSI

    Report Overview

    This is the second CSR report that Chroma has published. We intend to provide reports of our non-financial performance to the outside world on a yearly basis and take concrete steps towards realizing our vision of sustainability. The 2015 Chroma CSR report has been granted certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the first time. The general manager of BSI Taiwan branch Peter Pu awarded the certificate in person to Paul Ying, the vice general manager of Finance & Administration Center at Chroma.

    Reported Period

    From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The previous report was published in December 2015, and the next report is expected before December 2017. During the reported period no significant changes are observed in organizational size, structure, ownership or supply chain.

    Compilation Guidelines

    This report is compiled based on the global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 4.0 (GRI G4). GRI G4 General Standard Disclosures are adhered to in accordance with core option. GRI G4 annex of this report is provide as cross-reference for the content in each individual section.

    Assurance Standard and Body

    In accordance with resolution adopted from meetings at the highest levels of management, external assurance is sought after in order to enhance report credibility. The British Standards Institution (BSI) is commissioned for report certification using the 2008 version of AA1000 Assurance standard set out by the global non-profit organization Account Ability. In addition, type 1 application and moderate assurance are used in the assurance standard.

    Results: Independent Third-Party Assurance Statement

    The BSI assurance statement points out that the report conforms to the principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness. It is also stated on the audit report that this annual report discusses the issue of sustainability in depth. It is commendable that the organization’s CSR operation has been incorporated into its management. Future CSR policies are to be implemented accordingly. An independent third party assurance statement is awarded by BSI.

    External Measures of Report

    All financial data are from the consolidated financial reports of Deloitte Taiwan audited and certified according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In addition, both the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and the ISO/TS 16949:2009 automotive quality management system are approved by the independent third-party certification body SGS.

    Contact Information

    If you have any suggestions for the 2015 Chroma CSR Report, please contact us in the following ways. For ease of reference, this report is also published on our website. <Here

    Address: 66 Huaya 1st., Guishan, Taoyuan 33383
    Website: http://www.axysjx.com
    Contact: Paul Ying
    Phone: +886-3-327-9999
    E-mail: CSR@chroma.com.tw

    ▼ BSI GRI G4&AA1000 Dual Certificate

    BSI GRI G4&AA1000 Dual Certificate

    Brand Value and Corporate Commitment 
    World-Class products form World-Class Corporation

    World-Class Products: Precision、Reliability、Uniqueness
    World-Class Corporation: Innovative Technology、"Chroma" Brand、Globalization

    Our brand value lies in the links between our business operations and CSR, aimed at the clientele of energy efficient products such as electric vehicles, LED lighting systems, solar energy, and fuel cells. The clientele also chooses many of Chroma’s products for test solution, contributing to a sustainable future for all. Our 5 corporate commitments: vision, spirit, culture, policy, value allow us to develop world-class products and become a world-class corporation.

    Global Operations Support

    Global Operations Support